• Roll On Columbia3:10
  • Here We Have Idaho3:23
  • Let's Choo Choo Choo To Idaho3:05
  • Oregon Trail2:47

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When you join the Daughters of the Pioneers of Washington, you join a community of more than 900 women who form lifelong bonds, honor their pioneer heritage and promote historic preservation and education.

Membership Requirements:

Active Members: Shall be female lineal descendants eighteen years of age or older, of pioneers who established their residence in Washington during the year 1870 and or prior thereto; or in Oregon during the year 1853 and/or prior thereto; or in Idaho during the year 1863 and/or prior thereto; or in Montana West of the Rocky Mountains during the year 1863 and/or prior thereto.

Associate Members: Shall be either the Mother of an Active or Junior Member and/or the Wife of a Male who carries the eligibility date(s)

Junior Members: Shall be female descendants under eighteen years of age.

Daughters of the Pioneers of Washington

Est. 1911