Picture taken from the Olympian Newspaper October 22, 1939 at the Temple of Justice in Olympia. L.D. McArdle Collection obtained

August 10, 1939 with DPW initial deposit. Final payment and full ownership by DPW May 7, 1940.

Standing (Left to Right, Left Side of Table)

1. Mrs. Adelaide Biles, Olympia #4 Chapter President

2. Mrs. Ada Sprague Mowell, Olympia #4 Chapter Librarian and First State DPW Librarian

3. Mrs. Alta Grim, Assistant Washington State Librarian( not a DPW member)

4. Mrs. Ida Yeager Burford, Olympia #4 State DPW Librarian

Standing ( Left to Right, Right Side of Table)

5. Mrs. Blanche Billings Mahlberg, Started as a member of Olympia #4, Tacoma #2 (in picture) ended as a member of Bellingham #5.

6. Mrs. Ellen Carlson Wienand, Olympia #4

Seated (Left to Right)

7. Mrs. Grace Belford, Bellingham  #5 State President of the DPW

8. Mrs. Lindabel Smith Bowman, Seattle #1 State Secretary of the DPW

  • Roll On Columbia3:10
  • Here We Have Idaho3:23
  • Let's Choo Choo Choo To Idaho3:05
  • Oregon Trail2:47

Lucien D. McArdle


This collage features photos of L.D. McArdle who collected the books which comprise the L.D. McArdle collection known as the Golden Jubilee Project of the Daughters of the Pioneers of Washington and the L.D. McArdle Memorial Library of North West Americana. The papers consist of correspondence, newspaper clippings and reports of the Pacific Northwest. L.D. served in the Washington State House of Representatives.

The Daughters of the Pioneers acquired this priceless collection in 1938. The anthology is currently housed in Pioneer Hall in Seattle Washington. The Daughters are working towards digitzing these historical documents so they can be shared with all.

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Est. 1911

Daughters of the Pioneers of Washington